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Melt the Day Away Oil Facial Wash for Mature Skin

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4 oz

Gentle non pore clogging cleansing oil, that removes dirt, oil, debris including makeup. Leaving skin smooth and hydrated.

  • Melts away daily impurities for a soft, silky finish
  • Cleanses deeply, retaining skin's moisture
  • Replenishes and supports hydration for a healthier complexion

How to Use: Shake Well. Massage into face, use warm towel to wipe away excess. Repeat if necessary. Use Daily.

Ingredients: *Grape Seed Oil, *Fractionated Coconut Oil, *Apricot Kernel Oil, *Safflower Oil, *Ginseng, *Green Tea, *Willow Bark, *Grapefruit Oil, *Lavender Oil, Vitamin E.

(*) certified organic.

Infused with Healing Teas. Enjoyed for Generations. Handcrafted in Small Batches with Love.