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What Will You Plant In Your Garden

What Will You Plant In Your Garden

We are all like a garden. Where did this statement come from? With all of the talk about Spring flowers planting, buying the right soil, it made me think about something interesting.

Can you truly love yourself and not do what’s best, for yourself?  When we love someone, we want the best for them, and we want them to be their best.  We want them to feel free and happy and loved. We look out for them, try to encourage them, push them to follow their dreams and to take care of themselves. But why don’t we do the same for ourselves? Could this be because we are lacking in self-love.

Some of us are so restrictive of ourselves. We won’t even allow ourselves to dream. We try to protect ourselves, so we shut love out fearing the possibility that we might be hurt. We numb ourselves with food alcohol and sugar, tv or the drug of choice. We live a small dreamless unexciting life to keep others happy, forfeiting love of ourselves.

Now image a beautiful garden all the sweet fragrances the soft sounds the visitors it attracts, the beautiful butterflies, hummingbirds, lady bugs, and even the occasional rabbits. This garden is set in the prefect place nourished with gentle rains that keep it flourishing with just the right amount of sun. Like anything that grows, there’s going to be some pest to deal with, weeds will pop up and random storms will blow in and cause a disturbance. But remember love conquers all. No negative force past or present can weaken it because love brings grace and that is true splendor. 

I’m not going to ask you to image yourself in this lovely garden because guess what someone forgot to tell you, you are the garden, the visitors are what you welcome in. They could be a gentle loving thought, like a butterfly, or the soft sounds of inner peace, but note the nourishing rain is love. The deep self-love that gives you permission to stretch and grow, dream and live. How you care for your garden eventually shows. So give yourself permission to breath, to love, to live.

We are all like a garden. What will you plant in your soulful garden? Remember you are the one that has to water and care for you, to experience growth. Or will you allow your garden to wither and fad because of no rain?