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Ways to Stay Healthy in the Fall!

Ways to Stay Healthy in the Fall!

Fall is here!! Which means we get to enjoy cooler air, amber sunsets, beautiful fall foliage and shorter days. During this seasonal transition, we recommend, grounding ourselves with delicious seasonal foods that will prepare our souls for the cold months ahead.  Here are six simple ways to maintain wellness this autumn. 

1. Include nourishing Seasonal Foods, Spices and Medicinal Herbs in your Diet.

This is the time to warm our bodies with immune sustaining soups and vegetables like roasted squash, roots and sautéed dark leafy greens. Some of our favorite seasonings, such as, turmeric and ginger can be added to your morning tea. Also, try adding a little Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon to your coffee.

2. Embrace Healthy Fats like Grass fed Butter, Coconut, Olive and Sesame Seed Oils.

Inside and out, studies show that healthy fats are a must for our bodies since they promote cardiovascular health and keep our bodies nourished. Whether you add some coconut oil to your oatmeal, ghee to your morning coffee or massage your body with sesame oil, it is especially important to keep your body fed and moisturized with healthy fats.

3. Practice Relaxation Techniques.

Our bodies are naturally slowing down. With less activity and more hours spent indoors, learn to manage stress by making sure to bring calm, soothing energy to your day. How? Take a warm herbal bath or enjoy a relaxing cup of herbal tea at the end of the day.

4. Stay Active, and Enjoy the Season.

Inactivity from being inside over the cooler months can cause the lymphatic system to slow down our circulation and metabolism. This can weaken our immune system. Whether you choose running through a corn maze, apple picking or hiking to see autumn show off it’s brilliant colors, make sure you keep your body moving. Take full advantage of the beautiful scenery before winter arrives.

5. Keep your Immune System Boosted.

This fall, our herbalist recommends boosting your immune systems with immune-supporting foods like Fennel Seeds and Gogi Berries or our Désintox Detox Tea for a gentle boost. 

6. Circadian Rhythm. Regulate your Natural Sleeping Cycle.

The days are growing shorter, plants are shedding their leaves and we notice our little fury friends gathering in preparation for winter. Nature is letting us know it is time to nourish ourselves, slow down, and get some quality sleep. By incorporating herbs like Chamomile and Saffron into your sleep routine you will not only improve the quality of your sleep, but also help enhance your beautiful glowing skin. Consider trying our Sommeil Tea. You will wake up refreshed ready to face whatever comes your way!