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Give Your Immune System a Boost!

Give Your Immune System a Boost!

Especially during this time of the year, many are concerned with COVID-19 exposure and are looking for ways to "BOOST" their immune system. Now when we talk about the immune system it is important to understand that we are referring to a system that includes a group of organs and cells working together to protect your body. This system of the body which includes, white blood cells, antibodies and the organs that produce them, work together to fight infection and disease.

So with that in mind? How do you “BOOST” this system?

Let's start with Diet! Well, at Mes Thés we love natural solutions and nature provides us with plenty of natural ways to give our immune system a boost through herbs, berries, fruits and veggies. Some of our favorites include Astragalus, Ecchnichea, ElderBerry, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, and Licorice, just to name a few!! A well balanced diet that includes these is essential to our health. For example adding Elderberry and Ginger to our smoothies or juices for breakfast. Delicious! Or if you are having Hot Tea add a little Ginger and Tumeric. Also it is important to make sure you include a nice balance of fruits and vegetables in your diet. If your body and cells don’t receive the nutrients they need, how could you expect them to properly protect you from disease or infection? So, surely what you take into your body is important.

Next is Exercise! Get up, get out and get moving! Regular exercise is important to your overall health, which will in turn boost your immune system. How so? Exercise is known to improve cardiovascular health and blood circulation. This can benefit the immune system by helping cells to efficiently get the nutrients they need and get to where they need to be, especially when it comes to fighting disease or infections.

Then there's Stress, one of life’s factors that leaves us the most vulnerable to infections, because when our adrenal glands are worn down, this leaves us open to attack. As we know, none of us are immune to stress. Studies have shown the power of Licorice Root to help boost the adrenals and support the stress response. Along with that, a good way to reduce stress is to take a little time out of your day to relax and reflect. Do things you enjoy that bring you happiness and make sure you get sufficient rest. Keep healthy doses of You Time. Relaxation eases stress, and helps keep your immune system ready to fight.

 We hope you find these small tips helpful on your road to living a healthier lifestyle! Take these steps to protect your whole being, your mind, body and soul!