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There Has Never Been a Human Exactly Like You!

There Has Never Been a Human Exactly Like You!

Who are you right now, do you even know? Most of us are always looking at others, comparing and wishing we could change this or that about ourselves. But while we are doing this, we are missing out on enjoying the extraordinary experience of being who we are right now. You have never met a person exactly like you! And never will! What if you made the decision to stop waiting and start enjoying and appreciating who you are in this moment? 

You might think that sounds hard! But life is an adventure and as we try new things, even if they are hard, this only adds to our growth. Yet, the first fundamental step to enjoying yourself is learning to “like” yourself. I’m not talking about liking ourselves passively. I’m talking about enthusiastically choosing to admire ourselves on purpose. Listening to yourself, telling the truth and simply just saying “No” sometimes. Knowing your dreams and desires, taking care of yourself in all aspects of life.

Exam yourself and be honest, how do you feel about you! Do you really like you? Or do you have a lot of people-pleasing pain? The residue left over from spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about what other people think of you. You try to get them to like you by doing what you think they want. Doing this at your own expense, your emotional / physical health and energy. At the expense of who you really are and what you want. Keep doing this and eventually we will search through ourselves realizing we have ignored “you” so long you don’t even know what you want. When you ignore yourself no matter the reason, you send yourself the message that you don’t matter. You then act this out in your life. Creating situations that seem to prove this true.

Lets change the storyline that’s running through our minds. Brake the habits that make you feel stuck, flip the scripts and rewrite the whole play. This does not mean being selfish, or self absorbed but being self aware. Counting ourselves in the equation of Life.

Take self-care to the next level and subscribe to our Healthy Soul Box. The first step to kickstart your road to an head to toe, inside/out wellness make-over!  Include in this box are monthly workbooks that will help you peel back the layers and see the one person that is a guaranteed life long partner! You! Reach obtainable goals!  Enjoy improved mood & sleep, enhance brain & gut connect, clear the brain fog, get rid of the excess weight and super charge your immune system. The Healthy Soul Box is a 6 month support program designed to help you challenge yourself, by adding simple healthy steps to get you on and to keep you on track. All with Love and Grace. Be kind to Yourself by Caring for Yourself.  

Deadline to signup for 6 month Subscription is: January 15th.

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