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Nurturing Your Inner Child

Nurturing Your Inner Child

What do you need to you say to your inner child? Sadly most women find it hard to say just 3 nice things about themselves, but can run off a whole list of the things that we don’t like, need to fix or want to change. The truth is most humans struggle with negative thoughts about themselves but why do we as women seem to even more so?

Is it in our DNA, or our environment? Is it based on the things we see or hear day after day?  Are we taught from a young age, unintentionally though it may be, that we are less than our male counterparts. That our mere exists is to smile, please and pleasure everyone around us and that we come second or not at all. Learning how to swallow our emotions, ignoring them to keep going.

But we pay the price in our life experiences. We stay in toxic relationships or unhealthy work environments. We fail to report injustices against ourselves or others. And these emotions eventually refusing to be ignored anymore, begin to yell and scream through our anxieties and depressions.

Loving yourself is like air. It is one thing we all want and need. Loving of self does of course mean nurturing our souls with good healthy food and being active. But we must take care of our beautiful minds. What you think feeds your emotions, our emotions produces our actions, causing the results in your life. What we feed our selves every day mentally is an important awareness we need to have.

One of the hardest persons for you to have conversation with may be with yourself. Take time out to get to know you. Listen to the inner child that needs to be heard. Feed her with kindness and love. Set aside a few minutes each and every day to look at yourself and think big beautiful bold glorious loving thoughts.

We are fantastic and we deserve our own Time, Love and Attention.