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Autumn is Here!!

Autumn is Here!!

Can you see, feel and sense the little subtle hints that summer is leaving us. I love the summer, how the sun seems to hit the earth just at the right angle, but for the past few weeks I have started to feel it saying it’s good byes. Good bye to the bright colors, and sweet smells of flowers, all of the wonderful varieties of fresh fruits, the sweet watermelon, wine on the patio, pool time, and long sunny days. It is Autumn’s turn to shade this side of the Earth.

I’m sure I sound dramatic but anyone that knows me for more than five minutes, knows that I love the summer and the colder months can stay away. I appreciate the fact that every season has it beauty. Some of them just require me to look a little bit harder to find the appreciation. The seasonal change from summer to colder weather, always causes me a slight internal imbalance. I have a harder time concentrating, I am a little more emotional and just not grounded. I’m pretty sure, I should not be allowed to make any major decisions during this seasonal disturbance going on within me.

I suffer from (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder and unfortunately I know I am not alone. There are quite a few of us sun seekers. (SAD) affects about 5% of adults in the US and affects women more than men. The symptoms include Sadness, Anxiety, Carbohydrate Craving and Weight Gain Extreme fatigue, Agitation and Restlessness. Some people notice this change in the late months but my dance with (SAD) starts around the end of August. Just that slight change in the sunlight can make me a little unsettled. According to the Cleveland Clinic, when there is a change in sunlight your biological clock shifts. This internal clock regulates your mood, sleep and hormones and when it shifts you can become out of step with your daily schedule. Add on the shorten sunlight during the day, it can be hard to adjust. Here are some tips that I have found helpful!


  • Smile first thing when you wake up, even before you open your eyes. (The science of the facial feedback works because the brain senses the flexion of certain facial muscles, and it interprets it as “I must be happy about something” triggering a release of dopamine. Thich Nhat Hanh)
  • Start Journaling Get to know your thoughts and feelings and decide how you want to feel each day.
  • Choose to Look Fabulous each day! A simple trick, if you look good you tend to feel better.



  • Splash some cold (hydrotherapy) water on your face. Encouraging blood flow, helping you to step out of lethargy.
  • Stay Hydrated, practice drinking one liter of room temp water first thing upon awakening (Ushapan). Then wait 30 minutes before eating. Our bodies are detoxing at night toxins and cells are being restored. This practice helps to flush out the toxic buildup from the body.
  • Make sure you Eat a balance diet (at least 4 servings of veggies and 2 serving of fruit)
  • Fill your cup with warm uplifting tea. My favorite for this time of year is Lété Dance, a perfect blend of natural orange flavor, spices and a hit of mint.
  • Exercise, move your body (Dance, walk, jump around)
  • Massage your body before bed, relaxing the nervous system and giving physical support and care to your body after a busy day.
  • Express gratitude, write down 2-4 things you are true grateful for everyday.

YOUR Environment

  • Get more light. Let the sun in or add a mirror directly across the largest window in the room, doubling the amount of sunlight that appears in your room. (You may want to invest in a sun lamp).
  • Have Flesh flowers on your desk.
  • There’s nothing like adding Greenery to elevate your space. (real or fake)
  • Spritz in the air a natural uplifting fragrance.
  • Jazz up your environment with small things such as candles, a new rug, a couple of throw pillows. These simple things can do a lot to a room.

These suggests are not intended as medical advice. These are just some things I have found that works for me.