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Digital Interactive Planner: One Day at a Time

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Why not start the year off with some SELF CARE, SELF LOVE & SELF GROWTH GOALS

The One Day at a Time Planner is a Self Care Experience. This Planner is designed to help you clearly set goals and reach them while having fun. Throughout our busy lie-style sometimes we forget to care for ourselves. This planner encourages you to think about the importance of mental health. Managing stress, anxiety, our breathing our thoughts all affect who we are. Our thoughts create our emotions which guides our actions. Why not take a little time to listen and lear about you.

Each Month you will have a set goal, with suggestions on how to attain it. Throughout the month you will also need to check in to help keep yourself accountable. I encourage you to complete this planner with a friend for encouragement and accountability. Set goals and see your growth in making yourself into your best authentic version of you.

This digital planner was designed for you to have fun in your growth and provide you with the ultimate purpose productivity and lifestyle tool. Not only is this an excellent tool to help keep you organized but also motivated. December 2022 is your start date. Let's look at this new coming year as a beginning of a new you! New Year! New You! Changes start within.

Carry the skill you learned over to the next month.
For example: December’s goal is “Positive Thinking”. Work on this goal throughout the month of December and apply that goal onto January’s goal of Journaling. Throughout the month of January have the goal of positive thinking and journaling. Once February comes apply those two goals with February’s goal of Grounding. Your Ultimate Goal should be Growth. Continuing to build on your skills and learning how to take care of your whole being.

---------Planner Highlights---------

*December 2022 thru December 2023

* Monthly Self Care Goals

*Suggestions on Reaching Set Goals

*Self Check-ins

*Accountability / Self Ratings through the month

*Colorful Pages

*Summary / Benefits Page

*Goals for the Whole Year

*Upon Request Guide on how to download and import digital planner into note-taking app, import front covers, import stickers, how to use digital planner, and more. 


Upon purchase you will receive a downloadable link within 24hours to planner. Via email.